Posti Scandinavia

Telefonnummer: 08 475 29 00

Posti is the leading postal and logistics service provider in Finland. Posti offers a wide range of postal, logistic, freight and e-commerce services to our customers.

Posti is able to offer varied delivery options and alternatives including Saturday deliveries as well as flexible return channels. Posti has the widest network coverage in Finland and visit in excess of  three million households and companies every day of the week.

Posti is present in every county of Finland with in excess of more than 900 Service points. Furthermore, with 2000 Parcel lockers, Posti has, by far, the largest parcel locker network in Finland, the preferred delivery method chosen by Finnish consumers.

 Posti net sales in 2019 amounted to EUR 1,6 Billion, approximately 20,500 employees and operates in 8 countries.

In 2019 Posti distributed more than 50 Million parcels.

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