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The leading supplier of dynamic pricing enabling automated price elasticity. Trusted by retailers and manufacturers since 2006.

One solution for optimising your pricing. Priceindx provides eCommerce managers, purhase directors, CEOS and many more with AI-powered, business objective-driven pricing that increases the overall revenue and margin. Predictive pricing models.

Gain an edge over the competition by utilising price data from your competitors, traffic to your website and sale conversion to find the optimal price point.  With intelligent data, configured to your needs, and our propretiary tools developed in-house for over 15 years,  you have an array of features to automate and optimise your pricing starting today.

Price data reports on a daily and historical level. Management Report showing your average pricing on your full inventory compared to your competitors.

Dynamic Pricing
Set price rules on any level or detail based on the competition, your own traffic and conversion, and much more.

Utilise Priceindx even further by adding workshops with one of our pricing strategist with several years working  at larger retailers.